Accompanying interpreting:
This interpreting is a form of guidance, used primarily at cultural events, when visiting company sites, during sightseeing etc.

Consecutive interpreting:
This two-way interpreting is our most commonly used interpreting service. Our interpreters make sure that our clients can follow and understand the foreign language discussion or negotiation.
The consecutive interpreters follow the speaker in segments – determined by the required level of accuracy, agreed upon in advance – with clear articulation and correct intonation.

Simultaneous interpreting:
This service is used primarily at conferences and international events. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones and delivers the translation to the listener(s) via a microphone, with a few seconds of delay. The delivered speech matches the information content, segmentation, and intonation of the original.

Whispered interpreting:
This is essentially a type of consecutive interpreting. The interpreter literally whispers into the ear of the listener or delivers the message in a low voice.